Live honestly with yourself

Live honestly with yourself.

I believe this is really important to live life. Live honestly with yourself.

Be passionate about what you do and go in the direction you think is right. This is the most enjoyable way to live.

That’s what I think.

Rather than walking down the high road that the world has set for you, think independently, worry, get lost, fail, and get pushed back by the waves again and again, but keep going in the direction that you are passionate about.

I believe that is true happiness.

We are all moving forward day by day, aiming for that piece of ourselves that we lack (what we want to achieve).

But one day, when I have found it (achieved it), I suddenly have a thought.

Looking back, I realize that I’m happy when I find that piece.

In other words, when I am honestly moving forward toward what I want to do (the goal I want to achieve), that is when I am most happy.

Even if it is when I’m in a tight spot or in the midst of adversity.

I may not realize it at the time.

But there will come a time later when I will realize it. I have had such experiences many times in my life.

That is why I will continue to live honestly with myself.

It is hard to live honestly with myself.

Because most of the time people around me do not allow it.

In certain countries, there are many people who live their lives by lying to themselves because they feel that if they speak their mind, they will make others feel down, depressed, hurt, or aggressive.

But I clearly state my opinion because it is very important.

However, those who leave just because I express my opinion, or go away because they think, “Oh, I don’t get along with this person.” are fine with that. There are people like that in the world.

I clearly express my opinion to the other person, and the other person clearly expresses his/her opinion to me. I love that kind of relationship.

It is only when we are honest with ourselves in this way that “true discussion” is born. And I am sure that it will make us realize something meaningful.

Taro Okamoto once said something like, “The energy that is generated when we clash with each other is what makes us truly human.”

I really sympathize with him.

I will continue to live honestly with myself.

That is one of my philosophies.