Way of life

One day, I was reading Kazuo Inamori’s book “Passion for Success”.

I learned a lot about “how to live” from his book. There is,

No matter how times change, human nature remains the same.

We all want to achieve “eternity” by pursuing good things in life and leaving something of value for future generations.

It was stated. I felt many things at that time.

He is right. I’m only one of the 125 million people of Japan, a country in the solar system of the earth in the infinite number of galaxies, and the year in which we live is but a momentary flicker of a firefly.

We are such short little beings that unless we write our own life script and live our lives on our own axis, it will soon be over. (Even if you have it, time is finite, and it is but a moment.)

So I will live my life to be able to say to myself, “I was able to devote myself to my work (what I love) and be useful to the world. I am happy.” I will not live a life of inertia.

Have the honesty to look at myself objectively and from a bird’s eye view, have a humble heart to learn from my mistakes, and work hard.